What are some of the most secure crypto exchanges for large transactions?

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What are some of the most secure crypto exchanges for large transactions?

Been dabbling with cryptos for a while now & looking to amp up with some big transactions. Gotta make sure I pick a secure exchange though, ain't willing to risk my coins. What, in your experience, are some of the most secure crypto exchanges for high volume trading? Any bad experiences with any particular ones too? Just need to know which to stay clear of. Cheers!

I've had a great experience with Binance and Kraken, no issues with large transactions at all. Their security features like two-factor authentication and withdrawal whitelist really bolster confidence. How about Ripple though, anyone using it for big trades?

Just to chip in, Bitfinex has been rock solid for me, their security measures are pretty robust, haven't had any hiccups with big trades. But remember, always maintain your own security hygiene irrespective of the exchange. Don't reckon anyone's touched upon Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) yet, any takers?

Good points all around! CoinBase Pro has also been a reliable choice for me with high volumes. Efficient, safe, and user-friendly. Anyone else found this true?

Don't forget about cold storage solutions - it's crucial to rely not only on exchanges but also on personal security measures. Keep it in mind!

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