What are the best crypto exchanges for day trading?

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What are the best crypto exchanges for day trading?

Just diving straight in – Been wondering about the best crypto exchanges for day trading based on your experiences. Are there any platforms that complete transactions fairly instantly with minimal fees? Any suggestions on exchanges that house a wide variety of coins? Any help is greatly appreciated, cheers!

For sure! First off, it's essential to mention that it can depend a lot on your specific needs and trading strategies. But there are definitely a few exchanges that many traders seem to refer to quite often.

Binance is often a go-to for many due to its high volume and liquidity. They offer a wide variety of coins and integrate well with trading bots if that's something you're into. Their fees are also reasonably competitive.

Coinbase Pro is another option that seems to pop up a lot. While their fees might be a tad higher, their user interface is clean and easy to navigate, which can be a significant advantage for day traders who need to move quickly.

Finally, Kraken, with potentially lower fees than Coinbase Pro (based on your volume) and a good selection of coins.

Of course, there are loads of other exchanges out there, and these are just three options. It's also crucial to do your due diligence when picking an exchange. Look for transparency, reviews, and ensure they're regulated in your jurisdiction. Does that line up with what you guys have experienced? Or perhaps you got some different recommendations?

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