What are the best cryptocurrency wallets for privacy?

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What are the best cryptocurrency wallets for privacy?

Been in the crypto scene for some time now and I've seen quite a few things. Lately, it struck me that privacy really is a major concern. I mean, imagine just anyone could trace your spendings. So, I've started to wonder what the best cryptocurrency wallets for privacy might be? You guys got any favorites or any opinions on this matter? I don't necessarily need the most complex tech stuff but rather something solid and reliable. So, what are your thoughts on this?

Let's just take a step back here, guys. It's not about picking the perfect wallet, but rather understanding how each one functions and then selecting one that best suits your individual needs. Stick to your principles and do your research thoroughly.

I see where you all are coming from, and it's super insightful. Here's something I've been mulling over though - there's been a lot of talk about software wallets and hardware wallets, but what about paper wallets? Where do they stand in the world of privacy? Are they even still a feasible option with all the advancements in tech? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Is there really such thing as total privacy in the crypto world though? Despite all these wallets claiming high levels of privacy, can't transactions still be traced back in the blockchain? Just a thought...

Hmm, privacy and crypto, you say? Seems like an oxymoron to me. All transactions are inscribed on the blockchain, a public ledger. So yeah, the idea of complete privacy might just be fantasy.

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