Paper Wallet

Paper Wallet

What is a Paper Wallet?

A Paper Wallet is a type of physical means to store cryptocurrencies. It's one method people use to keep their digital assets secure. Essentially, a Paper Wallet is a document that contains all the data necessary to generate private keys for a blockchain address.

Structure of a Paper Wallet

The Paper Wallet contains two crucial pieces of information: the public key and the private key. The public key is your cryptocurrency address, which is publicly available and is what people use to send you funds. The private key, on the other hand, is strictly confidential and should be kept secret. It is essentially the password to access and use the funds stored in the associated address.

Creating a Paper Wallet

The Paper Wallet is created by using a software that randomly generates both a public and private key. These keys are then printed on paper, typically as a QR code for convenience.

Advantages of a Paper Wallet

The main advantage of a Paper Wallet is that it is immune to hacking attempts and digital theft since it's not connected to the internet. In addition, it's a straightforward way of storing cryptocurrencies and doesn't involve the complications that can come with digital wallets and exchanges.

Disadvantages of a Paper Wallet

The main disadvantage of a Paper Wallet comes from its physical nature. It can be lost, damaged or destroyed, meaning, you could lose access to your cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it's vital to keep it in a safe and secure location.

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