Technical Aspects

Technical Aspects

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0  What does it mean when we say a coin is ERC20? 0 51 minutes ago
26  How do smart contracts work in the Ethereum network? 1 15 hours ago
3  How does a decentralized exchange (DEX) operate compared to a traditional exchange? 0 23 hours ago
33  What are DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and how do they operate? 3 1 day ago
2  What are the security measures to consider when setting up a cryptocurrency wallet? 0 1 day ago
19  What's the difference between a hot wallet and a cold wallet? 2 2 days ago
36  How does sharding work in Ethereum 2.0? 1 2 days ago
56  What's the role of Gas in the Ethereum network? 2 3 days ago
9  What is Layer 2 and how does it help with scaling issues in Bitcoin and Ethereum? 1 4 days ago
81  How does interoperability work between different blockchains? 6 5 days ago
16  What are Oracles in the context of blockchain and why are they important? 0 11 days ago
27  How does the Lightning Network speed up Bitcoin transactions? 1 12 days ago
370  What's the significance of Bitcoin's 21 million coin limit? 15 16 days ago
273  How do DeFi protocols manage to offer such high interest rates? 13 19 days ago
44  Can someone explain the process of a hard fork versus a soft fork? 4 21 days ago
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