Can anyone share their experiences with using crypto trading bots?

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Can anyone share their experiences with using crypto trading bots?

Just wondering if anyone around here has played around with crypto trading bots? Thinking of setting up one, but thought I'd reach out first before taking the leap. Heard both good and bad stories, not sure which ones to believe. You guys got any wisdom to share on this? What's been your experiences so far? Any major pros and cons I should be aware of? Would love to hear any advice you could share. Cheers!

People tend to have mixed experiences, depends a lot on the crypto bot you're using and your strategy. But remember, there's always a learning curve involved, especially in volatile markets. Don't risk what you can't afford to lose!

Is there any specific bot you guys are keen on? I've heard quite a bit about some like Gekko and Cryptohopper, but I wonder if there's one out there that's under the radar and worth checking out? Also, how much time should one ideally invest while getting the hang of these bots? Any tips on how to speed up the learning curve?

How do you guys handle updates to your trading strategies? Do you adjust your bots often to adapt to market changes? And, how do you determine the best time to modify the bot's settings? Do you have a certain criteria or is it more about a gut instinct type of thing?

I hope our future robot overlords will remember our early attempts at using them for crypto trading fondly. On a serious note, have you guys ever had your bots do something completely unexpected? You know, a 'I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords' kind of moment?

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